What makes us different?

Any publishing company can say they offer unparalleled customer service and a quality product. At M Com Publishing we not only offer both, but we also offer a deep understanding of what it takes to help you make your dreams come true. We know you have questions. Here are some answers that will help you understand what makes us super-duper snazzy:

• Doesn’t paying for publishing mean that you’ll publish anyone with the cash to pay you?

Not at all. Yes, there are options out there for you to ‘self-publish’. That’s not what we do. We are not a ‘Vanity Press’. If your book isn’t ready for the big time, we will not be calling you up to the majors.

• We custom publish books and are quite selective. Why?

We want your product to stand out from the bazillions of other poor quality books out there. We specialize in working with writers that are ready for the spotlight (the spotlight is kinda our thing), and who have a unique and engaging perspective. We are able to effectively promote your book to the media (and via social media… we’re cutting edge like that), get you on television and you get famous as a result. If we make you look good, we look really good (which means our other writers look good… it’s a ‘you look good, we ALL look good type deal). We know it sounds a little self serving, but we have a reputation for quality, and a responsibility to our other writers, so we’re picky.

• What if I’m not ready for all that, but I have a great book that I want to get out there?

In unique situations, that’s okay too. Once we’re interested in working with you, we’ll set up time to chat. After that, you’ll get a “Chinese-take-out menu” style proposal and you can pick and choose what you need (though we will steer you in the direction of what we think you and your book are best suited for). We are a full-service firm and offer everything you need to achieve success, all under one roof. From publishing to every marketing service imaginable (websites, logos, social media, media kits, book coaching, etc…), we have you covered.

• Aren’t I better off going with one of the ‘big guys’?

That really depends on you, your goals, and your current situation. If you are already a household name, then yes, the big kids might be able to serve you better. We would probably not tell Sarah Jessica Parker that we were the publisher for her. But, if you’re not already a household name, working with a smaller firm can have HUGE benefits. Since we only work with a small and exclusive group of writers, you get a LOT of attention. We specialize in book promotion and have strong, personal relationships with A-list media outlets all over the country and are experts at online promotion. We customize your public relations and social media campaign based on what YOU want, and what YOUR needs are. If you want speaking engagements, book signings or media relations only, we will create a package that not only puts a smile on your face, but will have you jumping up and down with joy. We work for you. ‘Traditional’ publishers work for themselves.

• Do you actually think I understand all this jargon about marketing and social media and public relations?

Not at all (but if you do, cool!). We know that you are a writer, not a marketer (duh! that’s why we’re here). We will hold your hand and support you in every way imaginable. We realize you are heavily invested in your project and we want to make your dream of getting your baby out into the world a reality. We are always available for queries and concerns and there are no silly questions. Really (at least we won’t tell you we think they are silly).

• What if I want my book to be a business-booster?

If you want to publish in order to grow your business, we can help. We will also tell you what to do and what not to do to achieve the success you’re looking for. A book is an excellent platform for you to grow in many different areas from speaking to workshops to teleseminars. You tell us what you want and we can help.

• The frosting on the cake:

Once your book has arrived at your door, and the media is falling all over itself to get a piece of you, we can throw you a killer book launch party. We love events and want to throw you the party-of-all-parties to celebrate your new book… oh, and generate bucco sales for you too.

Got more questions? Contact us, we’re happy to chat any time. Call for a free consultation at 916.939.3344.

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