Communication Culprits

burglarFacebook Fanatics. Now, here is a group of people that should be a poster child of why you should avoid Facebook if you have done anything stupid in your life. And, I am not talking the not-so-smart CEO who posts her wild vacation photos on a Facebook photo album. The Facebook fanatics are a group of people that play on Facebook all day and yet do not work for Facebook. They participate in all trivia contests, all games, and are posting news feeds all day. You need to watch out for these people because the amount of free time they have will cause them to post photos of you from 20 years ago when you were back in high school. Now, this is fine if you can un-tag yourself; however, do you really want a picture of you out there inebriated and hugging the porcelain god when their privacy settings are probably not set correctly? Probably not. My advice? You should think twice before mixing your business and personal accounts if you have something you have done in the past you are not so proud of – like actively participated in the Mardi Gras celebrations.

Entitlement Police. Personally, I think the entitlement police just need to go away, and I am so tempted at times to respond to an email saying “really” and “who do you think you are?”  Some people in general have a sense of entitlement, and I am not sure why people do not think twice before asking you to do 20 hours of free PR just because they feel it is a good cause. Um. Love volunteering but that is literally half of my work week. So, really? Also, is the requests for meetings from people who want “coffee” to pick your brain so you can sit there for a non-billable two hours to tell them how they should effectively run their business when they have zero intent of ever hiring you. My personal favorites are the timesucks who proceed to call your cell phone (and I really keep this for clients/emergencies or REALLY cool new work) and ask the same questions over and over – like why should I be doing a blog? It is really tempting to almost put an “out office reply” on my voicemail and email saying if you are calling for something free please just go “Google it.”

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