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The Worst Product Name on the Planet

Free stock photo of art, coffee, cup, mugThere comes a time every once in awhile when there is such a horrific marketing disaster where you not only scratch your head and wonder why, but it also it is really important to point out this is why you hire a marketing company. The best example that comes to mind is the ROOFFEE coffee. I am not sure what is more disturbing here … the fact that the coffee is named after a date rape drug or the fact that it is coffee for dogs! Even worse, the creator actually spent close to 20K on radio advertising in our local market for a Kickstarter campaign that apparently received nothing. This is not a shocking result given the product name. What is more sad, is that the model actually combined ROOTS + COFFEE to come up with the name and was completely unaware of the ramifications of naming a coffee product in this matter. My point? This is when you hire someone to do your branding for you. We firmly believe in the concept of hiring someone else to utilize their strengths.

Happy New Year from M Com Publishing and M Communications

On behalf of our team, we wanted to wish you a happy and prosperous 2018. Happy New Year!

New Children’s Book – Coming Soon!

We are very excited to publish our first children’s book! We love the illustrations to say the least, and are thrilled, because we found an affordable color printer where we can now offer our customers children’s books, photography books, cookbooks, and much more! Enjoy the following book and if you are looking to get a…

It’s All About the DECA

It’s All About The DECA by Wayne Kurtz – Now Available!  It’s All About The DECA will take the endurance athlete junkie to understand this EXTREME endurance race that receives very little publicity and embraced by those who have achieved this amazing test of human endeavor.   In the multitude of checklists, toughest, most extreme endurance races and…

Another Fun Fashion Article for you … Enjoy!

How To Get Model Looking Skin   By Michele Smith Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing While at times the clothes are all the rage, there is a lot more that goes into looking like a model than the top runway fashion designs. For starters, think accessories, makeup and shoes. Also, anyone in the industry or not should…

We love writing fashion!

At M Com Publishing, we not only enjoy publishing our client’s books, but enjoy writing magazine articles/posts for clients as well. The following made the front page of All My Friends Are Models so we simply just had to share! WHY WE LOVE JOURDAN DUNN Jourdan Dunn indisputably has been a runway stunner and started her career…

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