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AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS: Dream Big, Be Ridiculous, and Live an Amazing Life

Check out this new book coming out November 2018!

While The Secret was all the rage ten years ago, and nothing else has come quite close, thanks to author Ron Hickey’s latest book AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS – Dream Big, Be Ridiculous and Live an Amazing Life there is clearly a new book set to inspire the masses all over again. The concept and messages are quite simple: dream big, be ridiculous in your actions, and it’s OK to fail; but the goal is to keep dreaming and remain committed to having an amazing life. While your amazing life may not happen instantaneously, the idea is to keep dreaming and everyone can live an amazing life. The 19 letters in the title of AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS correlate to 19 easy-to-follow Amazingly Ridiculous Habits, that author Ron Hickey and his featured co-author, Maurice “The Truth” Willis, embrace daily, resulting in how everyone can achieve their dreams. The buzz around this new title is unquestionable with pre-orders already in full force.


“I wrote this book to inspire others and help them come to the realization that anyone can live an amazingly ridiculous life,” said Ron Hickey, author and Publisher, Hickey House Books. “The feedback and response I have received so far has been nothing short of exuberating. I am very excited to be able to share a concept that will undoubtedly help every reader, whether they are in need of a life-changing moment or just want to pursue their biggest and wildest dreams.”

AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS is a book that truly shows that our actions really do matter in life, from how we treat others to how we treat ourselves. The book explains that while life always has a certain degree of uncertainty and may not turn into the exact successes we envision, our dreams guide us along the way; and every road can lead us to an “amazingly ridiculous” life. There are two book launch parties currently scheduled preceding a national book tour. The first launch will take place on Wednesday November 28th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Arden Hills Resort & Spa in Sacramento, with the second book launch party taking place the second week of December in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Light appetizers and beverages will be available along with the opportunity to meet the author and featured co-author. Attendees will be able to purchase a signed copy of AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS.

“Life does not come down to one dream and one hope. When one dream does not work out, it is important to just keep on dreaming,” said Ron Hickey, author and Publisher, Hickey House Books.  “For those residing in Northern California, I hope you can attend my book launch party this November, and I personally will be signing copies of my new book.”

About Ronald Hickey

Ronald Hickey earned a B.A. in Public Administration from University of San Francisco, studied Business Finance at Stanford University, Electrical Engineering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and Nuclear Propulsion Engineering Naval Nuclear Power School – United States Department of Defense/Naval Reactors. Ronald Hickey, in addition to Hickey House Books, owns and operates a full-service business consulting firm, Hickey Associates & Hickey, that focuses on life coaching, professional development, leadership training and organizational performance management. He is a highly sought-after speaker and lecturer. Ronald Hickey is an expert in Human and Organizational Maximum Performance Standards. He is a sub-contractor for the state of California as a Leadership Development Consultant. For more information, to purchase the book, RSVP for the book launch party or schedule Ronald Hickey for a speaking engagement please visit: or

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