While everyone certainly needs a day off, if I am going to take a break from the hustle and bustle of running around New York from runway shows to fittings to casting calls; I really like the quit and to have time to download. Napili Kai Beach resort is located approximately 35 miles from the airport and boasts the slogan “An Unhurried Way of Life”. I have to say … when I am constantly running on the go with my modeling gigs, this is exactly what I need to download and relax. The following is what I love about this place, and yes; a little bit of a trek from New York, but worth every penny.

First of all every room (and most have ocean views), offer a full-size kitchen. This is great because on the way from the airport I either stop at Safeway or Napili market and stock up on food for breakfast and lunch. This way I can make sure I have healthy food and snacks around all of the time. As most people know, it is obviously a bit more spendy purchasing food on the island; and this is a great way to save money. I think for any model who is starting out and having to repay their agency for any fees owed, this makes for an affordable vacation. The added bonus is that I love ahi tuna and the Napili market offers the greatest selection of sushi – yummy and healthy to say the least. The market is a great take-out option to take back to your own personal refrigerator.

The resort does include the amenities of a gym, but why should anyone be stuck inside a gym room when they can be out and about in this beautiful area? I recommend stopping by Bob’s snorkel shop which is located right around the corner from the resort. Napili Kai Beach resort is located on a private bay and I love to snorkel daily. One can absolutely snorkel this bay every day, but if you want a change of scenery, the bay to the left is full of turtles and the public beach to the right has great snorkeling as well. Both of these additional locations are in walking distance. This is another great reason to not go to the gym and yet bring your walking shoes at the same time.  There is a great hiking trail along the golf course across the street boasting beautiful views of the coast. After all, a model on vacation still means a model staying in shape.

While this place is wonderful to relax on the beach and on clear days you can gaze at Lanai and Molokai; there are also other activities one can take advantage of. As a model, I try to keep up with my exercise routines and switch them up which is another reason for vacationing here. There is an 18-hole golf course on site (which is fun way to get some sunshine while being on your feet and a professional course across the street}. Last but not least, the Sea House restaurant on site offers fresh healthy faire straight from the ocean and is sure to never disappoint. My vacation spot is hands down Napili Kai – model or not, you will find healthy, happiness and a view that never disappoints.