Don’t Do This During a PR Consult

badprpicNo credentials = no street credit = no media relations. The bottom line here is that there isn’t any publicist that is going to represent you if you are not credible. Please Google Melissa Washington  and click on her press page. If you watch one of her videos or see her resume, you will attend one of her workshops without question. Well, the conversation with this individual started out with how he was a holistic health practitioner and really wanted to move out of doing massages and focus on his coaching. He then proceeds to tell me that he is taking a college class and is not really a certified coach. He really wants to do this though.  At this point, I am slightly concerned, because I though you would have to have some type of education to be a coach or a holistic health practitioner for that matter. The conversation got even better.  He then proceeded to share with me how he gave one of his female clients (apparently at her request) a breast massage and she really enjoyed it. He also shared with me how he legally was able to do this. At this point, I looked at my notepad and I had written “WEIRDO” in all CAPS. During this point of the conversations, I had not been saying a word and was wondering if he was even a licensed masseuse. My point? I don’t think I need to even write it, but in all honesty I was too entertained to hang up.

Never ask personal questions and keep your personal 411 on the DL. The conversation next morphed into healthy bodies, and specifically healthy women bodies. The whack job first asked me if I was single and if I had ever been on any online dating websites. My initial thought was here we go again and this is why 85% of my clients are women; and before I was even able to get out some sort of response he launched into a discussion about his online dating profile. He even went into specifics on how he was 45 years old and that he specifically wanted a women, age 25-30, because she was of healthy child bearing years. He also wanted this future person to pop out a couple of kids for him. I can tell you without questions is that this person is not going to land at 25-year-old, but land himself into a looney bin. After this, he started to tell me how he designed his own website, when I just couldn’t take it anymore. I am really happy that people feel that they can open up and tell me things, but this was so far from a business conversation that I had to part ways. My point? Your publicist is not your therapist.

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