Don’t Treat Your Business like a Soap Opera

soapoperablogThe Repeat Offender. The repeat offender resembles villainous behavior. Take Stefano, for example, on Days,he is always brainwashing main characters, killing people, and doing God knows what else – all bad too. And, there is always the same result. He does the same thing over and over with the same result. You would think one of his brainwashing schemes would actually work at some point, but I guess we can blame that one on bad soap opera writing. There is one thing I learned in corporate marketing and that is to not be a repeat offender. Especially, when someone gives you a 7 million dollar marketing budget to manage. You should always track what works and what does not work for your business. Always. What events pull in business for you? What is creating referrals? What are you doing to actually develop new business? Just some food for thought. The repeat offender will do the same things over and over, all the while expecting a different result.

Don’t be a Drama Queen. The drama queen or drama king are people who live in drama land 24-7. For youDays fans… how often does Sammy or Chloe have a crisis? I would have to say all of the time. Drama in your personal life needs to stay in your personal life,  and not enter your business world. First, there are the shit-disturbers who like to spread rumors and other peoples’ personal drama because they are insecure and have nothing else better to do. Second, you have the drama queen or king who likes to show up at events and have public meltdowns, make ridiculously personal announcements in front of the room related to deaths in the family or to their bodily functions (not appropriate at a business event), etc. etc. Last, people tend to run away from drama queens so to state it simply enough – if there is drama, just don’t show up.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The one thing you can witness in every soap opera is the fact that every conversation and scene is repeated over and over again. You can actually stop watching a soap opera for 6 months and you will not miss a thing. Here is the deal. No one is listening, if you have nothing new to say – ever. People will tune you out if you are spouting your credentials without asking and if you have nothing new to say. If you repeat yourself over and over and start to sound like an infomercial people tend to zone out as well. The biggest repeat scenario I see with speakers is the “For today only you can buy my 10K program, for 2 cents, but today only”. Don’t get me started on that one and my point is do not be a repeat story teller unless you want to unnecessarily bore someone.


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