How Author Wayne Wakefield Absolutely Nailed His Television Interview

40 lawsMany people are not comfortable on camera – and some people are more introverted than not. When it comes television however, you have minutes to make an impression and he did exactly that. Click here to watch the Americans Struggling to Save Money segment on KTVN 2 out of Reno. Here are a couple of tips and tricks when it comes to a great media interview and what to do afterward.

1. Be yourself. Let your personality shine through. People buy from people they like, whether it is a new book or product/service. If you get nervous when a bunch of cameras are staring you down, get media coaching. Practice makes perfect and hiring a coach or a seasoned PR pro (that would be our team), you will go on television and just shine.

2. Have a back up plan. When you are being interviewed on a segment and it is not a paid segment, you cannot count on a reporter asking you exactly what you submitted. This is really important when it comes to promoting your book or an event. Make sure that you make a point to reference your book during some point of the interview and relate it to the reporter’s question (do not start randomly self-promoting and going off topic however, you will look bad). When it comes to events, ask if you/your publicist can submit event information for a still shot during the interview. Don’t count on this however and again, try to mention your event when it is relative to the question at hand. My point? Have a back up plan.

3. Say, “Thank you!” Your publicist should be doing this for you (an saying thank you via social media is great as well), but if you are doing your own PR you need to do this. Email works and everyone always likes thank you gifts. (Authors: a signed copy of your book would work just fine here.)

4. Leverage results. Once your spot has aired there normally will be a live link to the interview on the news station’s website. Many producers will send this out to your publicist, however some will not and you need to do a little digging on your end. Either way, post this on your social media links, website and hyperlink in your newsletter.

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