Marketing Lesson’s Learned from Dad’s Retirement

Dad retirement blogDon’t give a s$$$ about anything. This comment was made a one point directly after my Dad’s retirement and I have to say is that obviously my Dad is in relaxation mode; and he is.  I took this as don’t sweat the small things and even the large ones for that matter. I had the recent experience of a former colleague pulling something that was quite shady and instead of reacting, I sat on it and really pondered on how to respond. I normally have the inner circle that I can email for a second opinion, but in this case I chose not to care. Letting someone’s bad behavior distract you from your current path is really not worth the energy. My point? Solid advice Dad.

Nicknames.  The Food Network is always on at my family’s home. Always. I love to cook, so I personally think it is great. Dad, however, would probably prefer having ESPN on 24/7 or the Food Network off the air for that matter. Anyway, he recently started actually watching some of the shows and decided that since this channel was on 24/7 he would make up nicknames for all of the hosts. My personal favorites were A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and the other was about some gal that puts you to sleep. My takeaway? I have met an unbelievable number of people over the past 8 years and if I have to make up a nickname up in my head to remember a name I will do so. I will not run around calling someone A.I. though (at least not publicly).

Errand of the day. A couple of times now, my Dad has announced exactly what he had on the to-do list for the day and it was one item he most likely not going to get to (usually something I am blamed for). Anyway, as a keeper of lists, I find that while I do accomplish everything on them, I always focus on accomplishing what is important and needs to be done. For example, today I am on deadline for 4 projects. That would be my “errand of the day”. My point? This is great advice as you finish what absolutely has to be done and if you need to skip the errand of the day for skiing to work on another then just got for it.

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