Marketing Lessons Learned from Lake Tahoe

tahoeSometimes you need to spin the story a bit. This is true for any press release. A perfect example is that most companies do not believe they are newsworthy. Guess what? You are. It is all about spinning an angle into something interesting. I have done everything from “Vegan is the new Viagra” (book promo) to “Oprah called why haven’t you?” (This one resulted in mass media coverage). My Tahoe point? I had to spin the truth a bit in order to get early check-in after a hotel employee was extremely rude to my friend who tried to get early check-in. With a very straight face, I managed to tell another person at registration that I had IBS after a lecture about being very early. She immediately screamed, “Chris check them in!” Chris was very happy to get our luggage upstairs too. Apparently they did not want a pooper in the lobby. See – now you have PR advice as well as early check-in advice.

Sometimes getting off target is good … and look your best while doing it. I write marketing plans for clients all of the time. They are usually 5 -7 pages and they rock because they are a solid plan for their business. However, if there is a tactic that does not work the idea is to change your strategy immediately. Never continue to attend events, etc. if they are not resulting in business and costing you massive $$$. With that being said, never expect to show up to an event once and get business – it doesn’t work that way. My Tahoe point? If you get off target, stare at a pretty girl and proceed to walk into a slot machine, that isn’t the best strategy. P.S. Drink less dude.

Attend events where your potential clients are. Before even attending a networking group, try to check out who the attendees are and the overall goal of the group. I am out and about all of the time and am always in search of quality over “quantity”. Many people of are the mindset if there are not 10 million people there, it is not a quality event. That is just plain ridiculous. I once attend an event before that was only 10 people (and people left due to low attendance) and I really got to know everyone in the group. The result was plain business, because I opted to stay. My Tahoe point? When you are at Camp Richardson, flock with likeminded people. It is the best way to get a touristy portrait with one of your best gal pals with the lake in the background.

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