Networking No No’s

At M Com Publishing and M Communications, it never fails to amaze me how people network poorly. I know we are out and about all of the time, but sometimes you just want to say, “Really?“. Here are my favorites of the week:

1. Bad Breath Betty. Do I even need to get started on why this is a bad one? Apparently, I do. If you suffer from halitosis there are several things you can do  including buying gum, mints, OR even brushing your teeth!

2. Bad Business Card Bertha. Bertha has three different cards with three different and totally unrelated businesses. Bertha also has 9 different methods to contact her. Am I going to solve a mystery to track down Bertha? No, I would  rather hire a private investigator. Bertha needs to only promote one business per event, because I honestly do not remember what she does at this point.

3. Bad Speaker Bob. Bad speaker Bob is not necessarily bad on content, but bad on actions. Bad speaker Bob tends to single out people in the audience and critic them without their permission. Bad speaker Bob also tends to alienate everyone in the group, one by one, until everyone is zoning out on their dried chicken sandwich. What do I have to say? Bob’s behavior is bad, bad, bad,  and he will probably not be getting any speaking referrals out of this group.

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