Most people, authors and non-author’s alike who are live on TV for the very first time as a public relations effort are shaking like a leaf. However, most of our clients force themselves to just dive into it.  After the excruciating 5 long minutes are over, generally no permanent damage is done, the product is properly pitched, and most feel an odd exhilaration: “WOW, I got through a live TV shoot!!”  Years later and many more TV and radio appearances behind most people, they are no longer a stranger to the experience, stressed or nervous when doing live media. Here are of a couple of tips of great advice most learned along the way.

  1. Never feel bad about being nervous. Almost everyone is nervous the first few times. Many professional hosts even get nervous about their own show.
  2. Leave plenty of time to get to the station (plan ahead). There is no need to pump up those jitters by worrying about being late.
  3. Know what you are going to do. This sounds obvious, but, a dry run at home will give you a feel for timing and what props you will need, and not need. It is also helpful to look at the show format prior to your taping so you have an idea of what to expect. Don’t over rehearse either … this will throw you off if you are live, and you are asked a non-scripted question.
  4. Unless you are going to appear on a national talk show, keep in mind there is no makeup person. There is also no one who is going to help you set up the stage or the table you are working on. Be prepared that the setup is all yours and make as many arrangements ahead of time, so your set up is seamless and any prep work is done at home.
  5. Remember why you are there. Whether it is a product, an event or a book, try not to get too off message and make sure the host doesn’t either.  Always bring the conversation back to the subject at hand.
  6. Listen before you answer. Answer the questions directly and avoid random tangents.
  7. Always leave behind swag regarding your brand, whether they are T-shirts, coffee cups, product samples, etc., and it will get you booked easier, as well as on a regular basis.

Live media can be a great way to reach out to your audience and interviews cost far less than a traditional commercial.  Call us anytime to get the ball rolling to get your book/product out in the world.

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