Avoid Bathroom Business

Don’t let the headline fool you. I don’t abhor the bathroom for business entirely – just when it involves someone besides myself. You see, I often have some of my best brainstorms while showering. Yep. I don’t know if I am relaxed, or the warm water inspires me… but I my top ideas as usually from the shower. Beyond that, we are PR You highly, HIGHLY (can we say it enough?!) recommend that you keep business out of the bathroom. A few examples:

 Say “No” to Bathroom Stalking. The point to all of this is keep your business out of the bathroom. I recently had lunch with a colleague and my poor friend who is CEO of XYZ company was literally followed into a men’s room by a networking nitwit right behind, babbling about partnering with his company to help him sell widgets. It gets worse. My poor colleague goes in the stall and basically has to excuse himself to flush the toilet, while widget guy is still selling his company products. Um. Here is the deal my friends. Wait outside and do business later … seems pretty obvious to me just like this next one.Say “No” to Stall Buddies. Another colleague of mine was recently the recipient of this bad behavior. She was followed into a bathroom stall and a fellow networking buddy proceeded to talk her ear off about her business, when she should have been doing her business. When my poor friend had to interrupt her so she could flush, the woman then continued to talk her ear off. My point? Save the networking for the luncheon and stall this particular behavior in the stalls.

 Say “No” to Glass Walls in Joint Washrooms. On this one, I have to say that I blame the design as well as the bad behavior. A networking pal of mine recently had a business lunch with a gentleman at a restaurant notoriously known for their glass wall in the washroom area. Basically, you can look up and see members of the opposite sex washing their hands. Now, this restaurant has been in existence for quite some time and this is no longer a new thing. Imagine my friends surprise when she looked up in the washroom to see her gentleman friend waving at her like a crazy person. One, you never should do business with crazy. Two, maybe you should just pretend to ignore the see-through wall situation and wash your hands in peace. Just a thought.

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