Avoiding the Cloggers

cloggersThe Contract Cloggers. Beware of the contract cloggers.  The contract cloggers will engage you in several meetings to discuss their proposal – one meeting=good, three meetings = bad. The contract cloggers will eventually disappear on you and you will wonder what happened to them. Typically, the thought process on the clogger’s end varies on all levels but goes something like, “Do I want to do this? I don’t know, maybe I should ask Shelley, and her mom, and her sister, and then I will decide but when I called Shelley we ended having a latte and discussing Robert… ” blah, blah, blah, bye-bye. Here is the deal – get real and say “yes” or “no,” and do not leave people hanging. And, for those of you on the opposite of the clogger end, get real stop wondering because you are wasting time pursuing other opportunities and move on. Have the attitude of Next! In this category, also beware of the string-you-along cloggers; every week another excuse for paying late, pushing out a contract, blah, blah, blah. Say Next and also in this particular category say “collections!”

The “diarrhea-at-the-mouth” cloggers. The diarrhea-of-the-mouth cloggers are basically one big time suck vortex that will monopolize your time at trade or networking events talking about their kids or the novel on Hurricane Katrina they plan publishing in 2030 or other non-business relevant nonsense. Hey, I am Italian and love to chat; but business is business and especially if you are being a clogger and not letting other people talk to said trade vendors because you are rambling on about the hit to your 401K plan. Not important, not relevant, go away and start a blog (that no one will follow I may add).

The minutia cloggers. The minutia cloggers are especially dangerous because they tend to creep up on you. They create a mountains out of a mole hill that usually starts out something like a question on the inner workings of Amazon, and then it is FRIDAY and you have spent the majority of the week spinning your wheels on the minutia problem and have wasted money. Here is the deal: Fire the problem or stop the problem when it starts. I just saved you hundreds of dollars, you’re welcome

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