Bad Business Blunders in 2014 … Already!

bad biz picName Dropper Ned. To this day, I still do not understand the point of name dropping. I do not work with and barely tolerate people with egos. I met name dropper Ned, who actually is a local media professional and Ned proceeds to lecture me on how I don’t know who he is, and who he knows (at which point, all I am hearing is “Blah. Blah. Blah.”) and I am trying not to laugh, because Ned clearly does not have access to my rolodex, which I never advertise unless asked. Name Dropper Ned even took it a step further and proceeded to give me a lecture on how to do PR and explained how news segments were set up, as well as planned. At this point, my phone was on mute. I said the occasional “Really?” (insert sarcasm here) and Ned was so full of himself he did not even pick up on it. To top it off Name Dropper Ned proceeded to ask me out on a date which was actually more of an ultimatum on his part. I am very thankful my gal pal told me how to block numbers on my iPhone. You know who you are. Thank you.

Inappropriate Ian. Ian knows no boundaries whatsoever. This is a startup potential client I have zero intent on taking on, because my phone blows up all weekend, and not to mention Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I am frankly surprised he hasn’t sent a singing telegram to my office. Inappropriate Ian does not get that calling after hours, weekends, not minding time zones is not cool. This is even after I am telling him I am reading my child a bedtime story. At least my eyeballs have been getting a good workout (I have the eye roll down). Ian also does not listen even when I tell him this is not an emergency. Apparently, I need to start spelling out what emergencies are in M Com contracts. On the flipside, any client I have with a signed contract has an open door policy with me and they text or call with marketing questions on completely unrelated projects and I am more than happy to help. My lovely clients with this privilege also do not abuse it or call after hours either. Ian needs an intervention to say the least. I am going to have to introduce him to one of my newest authors doing a book on etiquette.

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