Don’t Be This Business Person

Michael she saidiPhone Ian.  I am the first to admit I love my iPhone. I can wake up every morning check my email, the weather and play Words With Friends, all before I roll out of bed. However, there is a place and a time to be playing around with your phone. iPhone Ian is a poster child for bad iPhone behavior. Normally, when you are in a meeting with some V.I.P.’s, you put that bad boy away. Not Ian. Ian was not only on playing on his phone the whole time (believe me, we all had email coming in) during a very important meeting, but he didn’t even bother turning his phone off. The real kicker was when his phone rang, he actually had the audacity to answer. At this point, I couldn’t even look at my colleague at risk of rolling my eyes or busting out laughing. All I have to say is really Ian.

Social Media Sally. Social Media Sally is quite the social butterfly. Sally shares everything on Facebook and I am talking everything. To be perfectly honest, for entertainment purposes, it is quite amusing for a giggle, but unfortunately, I do not have the free time to follow anyone on Facebook. Sally will post everything that went on during a bad date to ranting and raving about global warming. Frankly, I cannot keep up. If playing on Facebook was a full-time job, Sally would be a multi-millionaire. Sally clearly has a differently work ethic than most, because typically when I am working I am not playing farm friends or whatever new game Facebook has come up with. Anyway, I all have to say here is … overshare-beware.

Bus Thrower Billy. Unfortunately, my colleague is the one that gets and earful with when this particular person comes up. This is normally in the form of a “slightly” elevated voice after a meeting complete with a, “Did he really just do that?” I don’t know why I bother. There are certain people on this earth that will always act a certain way and there really isn’t any reason to be upset over it. They always will appear to be “special” to everyone else around. I recently was the target of a Bus Thrower Billy action. While I have watched Bus Thrower Billy on numerous occasions operate (both in person, and over the phone), I can honestly say that nothing is ever his fault. At least if I mess up on something (as do most people), I come forward, communicate ahead of time and all is well with the world. After all, everything is fixable. Anyway, being the personal target of Bus Thrower Billy on a call where I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, all I have to say is no referral business for Bus Thrower Billy. Ever. Or, forever for that matter.

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