Dumb Things People Say to Publicists

dumb shark person“Can I have your media contacts?” Here is the deal. It takes time for any publicist to build a list on their own. Then they need to form the relationships after that. They will be blackballed if they ruin that relationship and say you do something lame like contacting their boss with a completely irrelalvent story message. No bueno. Also, the publicist that subscribes to a service like Vocus or My Media Info is super duper expensive. Do you really think they are going to share that? Um. No. They may sell you their contacts though.

“I would like to meet with you to discuss media coaching.” The funny part about this one is that morons believe you are a free advice coach where they will want to meet with you and pick your brain. I have one colleague who I adore and is a friend and asked me if I ever overstepped my boundaries please let me know. Bravo. You know you are. Everyone else can be a complete informationsuck. Yes, I know that is not a word, I just made it up deal with it. My point? Most publicists charge for media coaching.

“I need you to take that off the internet … right now.” I hate to break it to you, if you approve a press release and it goes viral … good luck with that one. Enough said.

“Um, XYZ Corporation reposted my blog and I need to get paid for that.” Um. All I can say is get a reality check. Unless you are famous and most people do not get paid for their blogs, tweets, etc. unless they are promoting a product. You need to get over yourself. I do recommend blogging though – excellent marketing tool.

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