Spring Clean Your Marketing

facecleaningmarketingMarvelous media kits. If you do not know what I am talking about, this is basically an online brochure. Novel concept, right? The cool thing about these bad boys is that you can kill a tree and print them out, or email them which is a completely acceptable way to send brochures nowadays. Here are the contents: cover (matching your website/brand/logo), about page, bio page, services page, F.A.Q. page, sample chapter (if this is for a book) and press release. Pretty cool, right? Anyway this marketing tool is 10x better than the black and white brochure you sketched out, took to Kinko’s and brought to an event where people used it to take notes on.

Vivacious Videos. This green marketing tool is even better than a brochure. How cool is it to have you as the owner of your company talk about your biz via video and have live testimonials to boot? This is priceless. Before you respond to this and ask where mine is, my response is that my new website is actually in progress and I owe a bunch of info to my designer. The video will be posted on my new site as well as on M Com Publishing. The main point I have here and always, is go professional and do not have your b.f.f. tape you with her iPhone and think that is a good idea. Secondly, do not think it is a good idea to take it to the next step and post it on You Tube. It’s a very bad idea … just saying.

Newsworthy newsletters. I am a very big newsletter fan and have been writing the M-Dash since 2008. Here is what I typically do with anything I receive via snail mail: take out local business journals and magazines I subscribe to; step two immediately throw the rest of the junk in the recycle bin. Depending on your audience of course, I recommend sticking with the electronic copy. You can still even put in giveaways such as coupons and have everything you would benefit from a hard copy. When you do the electronic route, not only are you saving a tree, but postage, printing costs and someone’s trip to the recycle bin.


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