We would love to introduce one of our latest and greatest clients at M Communications Inc. and M Com Publishing … and, this App really does give you peace of mind.

Most people know hidden cameras are out there, but many of the general population think they are hidden in nanny-cam teddy bears or semi-obvious places like smoke detectors. Others who have researched this realize hidden cameras are everywhere, in USB chargers, electrical outlets, clocks, shower gel bottles, and even car keychain remotes. What a majority of people do not realize is that today hidden cameras could even be in towel hooks in hotel rooms, toilet brush holders (not joking) and have been found several times hidden in Starbuck’s bathrooms. The list goes on, and on! Anyone who values their personal privacy would find this information downright shocking. Randy Andrews, founder of the HCD App and security expert, has created an easy-to-use App that detects hidden cameras right from your smart phone. Without question, the Hidden Camera Detector App brings a level of comfort to everyone from the single mom, the traveler, the parent or young person, anyone who is insecure with their surroundings like changing rooms, tanning booths or an unfamiliar restroom. Hidden camera detection is  one click away as an innovative and useful feature of your iPhone.


“Our main goal is not to scare people, just to create awareness,” said Randy Andrews, CEO of HCD App. “I have extensive corporate experience working in the internet and covert security industry, and I created the HCD App as an economic solution to make you feel more safe.”

The App is $4.99 for download, compared to expensive and bulky surveillance camera detection equipment at $100 or more, the HCD App is a sound privacy addition to your iPhone. In addition, the HCD App company offers an educational aspect, with many free  and informative videos about how to detect spy cameras, with details on what to look for as well as how to protect yourself. How does the App work? Although it contains complicated detection algorithms it is surprisingly simple to use. After the easy download, all you have to do is scan a room using the camera on your phone. Look for steady red crosshairs and you may have stumbled upon a hidden spy camera. The HCD App company also takes their service one step further by explaining to their clients what to look for – even a camera the size of a head of a pin! They also educate their customers on how to practice using the App effectively prior to scanning a new location. HCD App currently has 209K followers on Facebook and 1M views on YouTube. Anyone can readily speak to their customers direct and most importantly ask questions. This App helps make sure that there are not any hidden cameras invading your privacy.”

“I am very proud to be one of the good guys exposing people who violate the personal privacy of others,” Randy Andrews, CEO of HCD App. “I think our social media following reflects how our product speaks for itself and we will continue to expand to help others.”

About HCD App

The HCD App was created with the goal of protecting personal privacy in what you may think are the safest of locations and is meant to educate end users in order to ensure their personal privacy. The App is easy to download. The camera on your smart phone is used to scan an entire room. Make sure the bathroom, changing room, locker room, office, bedroom and even your automobile are free of spy cameras! For more information please visit:

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