Moving Marketing Violations

badcarimagingOn the way home from a work event, I am following a white pickup truck that only has a phone number on the back of it with something resembling a treasure chest in the back.  I know all of you are thinking uh-oh, here it comes.  Well, you should be proud of me … as badly as I wanted to pick up the phone and call this mystery number and find out what the company is and who thought it was a good idea to put just your phone number on the back, I did not.  It turns out mystery company driver is also a slow-driver, who I of course then start to pass in the left lane.  The marketing genius of the company did put a very confusing logo on the driver’s side door with what I believe was the company name.   Oh, and the phone number again.  Perfect example of the “they-know-me” marketing approach.  Don’t get me started on just having the phone number on the back of the truck.  So, I am staring at this truck trying to figure out, are they a plumbing company?  Are they a mobile automobile repair shop?  And, what in the heck is that treasure-chest thing.  I am staring long enough at this marketing disaster to where the driver thinks I am hitting on him.  Oh boy.  

The messages here are simple:  
People probably do not know who you are and what your company does unless you are pretty heavily branded in the area – like Sacramento Magazine for example. Don’t delude yourself either. Come on! Does anyone really know Brando Electric from Leron the Electrician? Probably not. 
Make sure your logo and company name send a clear concise message. 

You have seconds to resonate an impression – maybe less on a moving vehicle. And “paleeeze” don’t put one of those cheap-o magnet plaques that people slap on the side door just to say it’s a company vehicle when it’s really their Corvette they drive down highway 49 on a spring day. If you’re going to go to the trouble of “branding” you company (that’s spelled c-o-m-p-a-n-y) car, do it right with proper decals. (One little note: don’t make the decal your WHOLE car either … lest you look like a juice box.)

If any of you think it is a good idea to put just a phone number on the back of your truck, please let me know so I can unsubscribe you. If you are going to do something like this please purchase an 800 number and advertise something like 1 800 – Fix – Cars.   At least then the general public will have a vague idea of what you do.   

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