Oh Sh** Business Moments

Just a couple of funnies I had to share from a recent M-Dash.

embarrased bearCorrectional Officer Cathy. Correctional Officer Cathy was giving a presentation on her health product in front of a whole roomful of people. One of the audience members asked her a question about her product and the speaker proceeded to correct a term she used (very rudely I might add) in front of the whole room. I happened to look away and the gal sitting across from me wore the exact same expression I imagined was on my face. At that point, I had a mouthful of water and I was hoping I didn’t spit it out and start laughing. I don’t think Cathy made any sales that day (or friends for that matter) and I imagine that poor attendee will not be attending that meeting ever again.

Liposuction Laura. Liposuction Laura was doing a presentation at a dinner event and while we were eating she proceeded to pass around photos of what fat looks like after they take it out of your body, among other graphic photos. Can you say bye-bye appetite? When the photos made it my direction, I passed them to the gal next to me and said, “Enjoy your dinner.” I am sure some people were wondering why she was laughing out loud. My point? If you are going to make people sick to their stomachs, maybe you shouldn’t be presenting … at least not during events where they serve meals.

Screaming Samuel. Screaming Samuel was also a presenter at a dinner event I recently attended. We were served the usual dried chicken and vegetable mystery dish (could have been mashed cauliflower or potatoes – no clue there, but it is not like you go to these things for the food). Before he got started with his speech, he pulled the event organizer off to the side and complained very loudly to her about the food. I don’t know if the dude expected surf and turf or what, but at this point I was annoyed with his obnoxious behavior and was busy sticking my fork in mystery mush wondering how long it would stay up straight. I don’t think Screaming Samuel is going to be asked to speak again. Ever. And, P.S. Sam, you are there to present and network, not be a food critique.

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