Things you should never say to a publicist

Here at M Communications and M Com Publishing, we have heard it all when it comes to funny things people say when it comes to PR. Here are the top do-not-do’s, and questions you should not ask. Ever.

1. Can I have your media contact list? This is a great way for any PR person to get blacklisted. Plus, it takes years to build up personal relationships. Only ask this question if you are asking your best friend. Even then she may not give her list to you. At least without an eye roll first. This is even funnier when someone asks this question spells your name wrong.

2. I want to be on Oprah. A fellow publicist told me that the day that Oprah left mainstream television there  was a huge applause made by publicists around the world. Yes, we hear this one a lot. Now it is Rachael Ray, Ellen … don’t get me started.

3. Can I have your media list and can you promote me for free? Most publicists have bills to pay like everyone else does. This is not to say they do not do their fair share of pro bono work. Here is a thought. Maybe if you want to ask, you might want to throw something in like, “Do you have any extra time to do XYZ project?” Just a idea. Think about it. Please?


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