Why you shouldn’t work with James Bond

We have been a little MIA at our blog lately. What can I say? Busy is a good thing, but only to a point. Sleeping 10 hours on a Friday night? Um. Not good. Note to self – travel less. Anyway, I had a reminder on why we are picky about our clients recently and I thought i should share some notes on why you shouldn’t work with James Bond.

1. James Bond will keep you guessing. I am not sure if this is a I cannot be honest thing, or an automatic elusvive manuever due to job occupation standards. If you have a client who is constantly keeping you in follow up mode, this is a “potential ‘client that is most likely not going to happen. Go for yes or no.

2. James bond will never commit.  This kind of goes hand-in-hand with numero uno. James Bond will not commit to a project and will continue to spin you wheels. Unfortunately, instead of a signed contract you will get trapped into the time suck vortex  of perpetual indecision. Please take my advice – get out now while you are ahead.

3. James bond is quirky.  Quirky is never good to work with and will eventually will drive you  nuts. Do you think you can ever trust anyone with 10 different passports anyway? Unique and full of ideas is one thing, but quirky may throw you curveballs even if you set expectations up front. Just skip the drama and don’t put yourself through it – life is to short.

My point? If you are working with James Bond you may have to not adhere to the policy Never Say Never Again.


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